Local Resources

We can make coming to Mersea Island easy, helping you source what you need for your shoot. If you need a beach hut, a classic Oyster Smack or a remote island all to yourself, we can help. If you would like catering for your shoot, we can source fine dining or sandwich platters. If you would like to take to the water, we can arrange a single boat or more to take you around the the island or to remote areas far from the crowds.

What makes Number 40 and Mersea Island a great location for you is the scope that it provides. We have new pretty pastel beach huts and the traditional mix and match huts, we have wide open sandy beaches and gritty muddy foreshores with big seas and a huge sky.

Number 40 really is so much more than a houseboat.

Filmed on Mersea: Women in Black

The feature film, The Women in Black was filmed partly on Mersea and on nearby Osea Island. The scenes on Mersea were filmed in Cudmore Grove County park in East Mersea where the coast line is particularly bleak, rural and in a different light clean, green and...

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