Number 40 is a British built dumb barge, built in 1933 for Joseph Rank ltd (Hovis) to transport grain around the UK for flour after WW1. Today, Number 40 is a five bedroom, three bathroom houseboat with a large open plan living area leading to a private deck overlooking the Mersea Creeks. Retaining the industrial hull and deck the barge has been transformed by a contemporary cedar deck house to not only create an interesting location for your project, but also offer private accommodation.

Number 40 is on a private mooring, a wooden pontoon provides access to the houseboat and once you are onboard, the protected decks not only provide privacy but also protection from the elements. The view over Besom Fleet changes throughout the day, from the rich muddy seabed to clear waters when the tide comes in.

The immediate environment is a mix between sandy beaches, muddy foreshore and the sea. There is direct access to the sea from a swimming platform attached to the boat if needed.

Number 40 is a blank canvas and can be restyled and redecorated to suit the style of your shoot, or left as it is to house the cast and crew if you are filming nearby.